Hearts On Fire

A few years back, Hearts On Fire debuted a unique line of couture diamond jewelry based on modern architecture. With the central theme of luxury travel, we created an integrated campaign for the line that included a video, a fashion show, retail tools, a website and a luxe hardcover catalog.

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Without much recognition in the diamond market, Hearts On Fire needed to differentiate themselves from recognized brands like Tiffany’s and DeBeers. These ads make the most of their differences in a way that breaks the mold of typical diamond advertising.

How do you describe the world’s most perfectly cut diamond to someone who can’t see it? To someone who may never have heard of the brand. All in 40 seconds or less. Ah, the challenges of radio.

One steamy banner invited users to wipe the steam to see the image or write messages in it. The other spun the parentheses used in the (Monogamy) campaign into a branded Valentine’s Day message.