Force of Good campaign [integrated]

With New Beetle sales starting to plateau, VW wanted to inject some new life into the Bug. So I helped craft a fun integrated campaign with the Beetle as a “Force of Good.” As part of that, I created a documentary film about some Beetle-driving yo-yo artists, a fun-packed Force of Good website and print ads that starred real Beetle drivers as forces of good. A FOG tour also traveled cross-country, committing acts of goodness along the way.

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Vanity Fair Music Issue ad [print/digital]

A print ad for the Vanity Fair Music Issue. We asked neo-folk artist Richard Buckner to write a song based on this location, then invited people to listen and download it at Thousands did.

The New Beetle Convertible wheel [print/collateral]

Created as a humble promo piece for auto shows, the wheel really caught people’s fancy. Dealers requested it for their customers, Beetle drivers clamored for one, and it took home a London International Advertising Award.

Pods Unite [digital]

The iPod and the New Beetle. A meeting of the minds. Here’s how they came together. A Cannes Cyber Finalist.

Touareg site [digital]

The site shows off the Touareg’s superpowers using all different media, from illustrated feature demos to live footage of the Sheila Divine.

Passat site [digital]

The site connects the Passat’s highlights to the five senses, lets users explore features in depth and then invites them to build their own.

Force of Good ad [print]

A print ad that celebrated real-life Beetle drivers as Forces of Good, whether they were environmental activists or yoga instructors. Each was a FOG playing card with the driver’s stats on the back.

Touareg ad [print]

A fun way to tout the Touareg’s ‘Motor Trend SUV of the Year’ award.

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