Evolved By Nature

“Creating new molecules for a healthier future.” With natural, renewable chemistry harvested from teeny silk cocoons, that was Evolved By Nature’s mission. And mine? To put it all in terms that could be understood and appreciated by people without a PhD in biomedical engineering. At EBN, I headed up copywriting for the company and their offshoot brands, creating everything from their tagline—“the better-natured biotech company—to ads, collateral, packaging and entire websites about their world-changing science.

A website that clearly communicates the science of Activated Silk biotechnology and its countless benefits. See it here (still in development).

Product naming and label copy for the recently rebranded hand soap line

Branded Amazon store experience to showcase the handcare line and the benefits of soap with Activated Silk

Earth Day social campaign for their earth-friendly soap

Industry brochure showcasing Activated Silk’s ability to replace the highly toxic chemicals in luxury leather finishing