Silk Therapeutics

As a daughter brand of Evolved By Nature, Silk Therapeutics skincare featured Activated Silk and only clean, minimal ingredients. A cult favorite, it was beloved by customers, spas and natural skincare devotees. I oversaw copywriting and helped set creative direction for everything from a completely rebranded website to educational email campaigns, unique marketing initiatives and social media presence.

Brand book

Social posts that highlight the benefits of Activated Silk, petrochemical-free ingredients and the sense of wellbeing that comes from just. taking. care. of. yourself.

Emails that didn’t just sell, sell, sell—they aimed to educate and entertain, too

Conceived for Gen X skincare shoppers, Young Chemist was a bold and fresh-faced take on affordable clean skincare. It didn’t make it to market, but it looked great and was a very fun naming exploration.